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A unique combination of the most powerful UVC and the smallest UVC in the world to protect them in their living spaces and as well as on the go.
  • The UV Plug does not need a charger and the phone changes itself into a germicidal device.
  • The UV Room that sterilizes entire living spaces up to 400sqft.
  • Add to it a Contactless key that protects people during their everyday need to touch objects when they are outside & reminds them of you with a custom print on it.

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360º Remote Sterilization with UV Room for the complete disinfection of large surface areas. UV lamp ensures double sterilization plus disinfection.

  • Sterilize an entire room in one go
  • Delayed Start + Remote Sterilization with Ozone UV for more thorough disinfection
  • Powerful twin 15 inch long UV lamps
  • Use the OZONE+UV lamp for the bedroom, living room, toilets, and kitchen.
  • It works best even at Restaurants, and Hotel lobbies.

Always on the go? Turn your phone into a germ destroyer in 10 seconds. Just connect our instant and portable UV sterilizer to your phone and travel safe.

  • Instant, constant and on-the-go UVC sterilization
  • Plug and play portable UV light for all mobile devices.
  • This portable UV sanitizer is Safe to use on all surfaces.
  • No charging required, works right on your phone battery.
  • The small UVC light device fits snugly in your pocket.

One key solution to Contactless touch. Made with pure Zinc alloy to prevent touching microbes.

  • Stay away from germs with the contact less safety.
  • Open Doors of all types with ease.
  • Use it in Elevators and other public spaces.
  • Open Packages, Carry Groceries & more…
  • Machined strength for long life and safety.
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