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All the cleansing devices you need wherever you are, at home, away or travelling. Give the gift of health in a big bundle.


  • A gift that powers the user to robotically destroy all the germs in the Hotel, while using it as a power bank.
  • The UV Box is a 3 in 1 sterilizer, wand & wireless charger.
  • The UV Wand has an inbuilt power bank and can be used to quickly disinfect larger spaces.
  • The UV Plug does not need a charger and the phone changes itself into a germicidal device. 

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Know more of the gifts in the pack

Your own UV Robot germ destroyer that keeps you protected always. Wear it on your hand, like a wand and wave it to disinfect surfaces as well.

  • The cleansebot needs just 30 minutes to cleanse your bed.
  • Sterilize carpets or wooden floors in one touch
  • Intelligent motion sensor for smart edge detection.
  • UVC disinfection Robot is Compact and easy to travel with.
  • Use it as a UV light wand to disinfect objects.

Waving away Germs in 20 seconds. Redesigning our safety for the new normal.

  • 30 seconds rapid sterilization formula.
  • Use it as a UV Sterilizer wand for large surfaces.
  • Fast 10 Watt wireless charger.
  • Eliminate germs up to 99.9%.
  • 7 light powerful sterilization.

Waving away Germs in 20 seconds. Redesigning our safety for the new normal.

  • 20 seconds to kill the viruses.
  • Portable UVC Light Sterilizer for complete disinfection.
  • Sleek and charged to use on the go.
  • Perfect for dusty corners.
  • Easy to use everywhere like car seats or toilets.

Always on the go? Turn your phone into a germ destroyer in 10 seconds. Just connect our instant and portable UV sterilizer to your phone and travel safe.

  • Instant, constant and on-the-go UVC sterilization
  • Plug and play portable UV light for all mobile devices.
  • This portable UV sanitizer is Safe to use on all surfaces.
  • No charging required, works right on your phone battery.
  • The small UVC light device fits snugly in your pocket.
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