Why should you use UV light sterilizers? <br>Here are 5 Reasons WHY

While the world is still adjusting to the “new normal,” we are finding answers as to why UV light sterilization is our best bet to keep our home and office 99.99% free of deadly germs. In the last few months, while constantly habituating ourselves with the pandemic and a reimagined reality, we have wondered how […]


UVC sterilization has been one of the most revolutionary discoveries of our time and now we can safely employ this powerful technology at home, so that, you can continue keeping your surroundings bacteria and virus free, safest for you, and your family. UV refers to a range of electromagnetic waves with a shorter wavelength (higher […]

Fall Allergy Symptoms VS COVID 19: Here’s What You Need to Know

As the fall arrives with vibrant orange hues and roasted pumpkin spice fragrance, the return of the famous long cardigans and crisp air, we wish we could only take the best of fall and ignore the annoying allergies which also accompany autumn every year. To top it off, this year fall allergies are competing with […]