Remarkable UVC Sterilization Devices for every day life

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Sterilize Entire Rooms

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Waving away Germs in 20 seconds. Redesigning our safety for the new normal.

  • 20 seconds to kill the viruses.
  • Portable UVC Light Sterilizer for complete disinfection.
  • Sleek and charged to use on the go.
  • Perfect for dusty corners.
  • Easy to use everywhere like car seats or toilets.

The UV Box is a one-touch sterilization function that disinfects phone, all accessories and larger surfaces.

  • 30 seconds rapid sterilization formula.
  • Use it as a UV Sterilizer wand for large surfaces.
  • Fast 10 Watt wireless charger.
  • Eliminate germs up to 99.9%.
  • 7 light powerful sterilization.

CLEANSE with natural science,
When just clean is not enough.

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